Hummingbird Missions Work


Forty Years Ago, A Seed Was Planted...

As a young man, Bob Farnsworth had a dream of bringing the Gospel to the people of the Amazon. The Father had other plans and led Bob to found Hummingbird Productions. Yet his dream of mission work never died.

Forty years later, Bob has found a way to work in missions on a global scale. With the help of a gifted young filmmaker, David Kiern, Hummingbird Productions is helping viewers experience missions around the world through cinematic storytelling.

David Kiern

David Kiern

An epic short film can benefit your ministry in 3 major ways...

communicate your story - powerfully & clearly

The #1 way to show people the work of your ministry is for them to visit it personally. But for the thousands of potential partners and donors who can't travel to see it with their own eyes, how can you communicate your work? The answer is the motion picture.

A film can take an audience to the front lines of your ministry, and allow them to experience it in a thrilling way. It can introduce viewers to the leaders of the ministry and to the people who's lives have been changed through your work. It can clearly communicate your story so that viewers feel emotionally connected to your ministry.

Raise Funds - Inspire your base & attact new donors

A film can inspire confidence in your donor base by visually showing them the impact your ministry is having. Additionally, it can attract new donors | partners. Significant funds can be raised by screening a film during fundraising events, church meetings, and through social media sharing.

Make disciples - increase involvement & volunteers

When people fully understand your ministry, they are more likely to personally get involved. A film can motivate viewers to volunteer their time in support of your ministry. Through serving others, THEIR lives will be impacted for the Kingdom.