Hummingbird Productions

Fusic is simply the FUSION of film and music. Generally speaking, it is the fusion of anything that is visual with anything that is sonic.

“Certain combinations of sound and visuals can evoke what neither can do alone.”

Randy Thom

We connect the heart and soul (feelings) to what you want to convey to your audience. People must emotionally connect or they will quickly forget, or worse, never register your message in the first place.

Practically, speaking, how do you accomplish this? -- Appeal to multiple senses.

Sight and sound define the two primary senses used in communication. Therefore, advertising, marketing, branding, audio, film, and video become the most successful when what people see and hear fuse together.

Great sight without great sound

is a world that falls short of feeling.

Great sound without great visuals

falls short of direction.

Sight and sound become Intertwined.

It’s not a matter of tacking on the music and sound at the end of a project. They have to be fused together from concept to delivery.

In every day life, we constantly fuse what we see with what we hear around us, in real time. We simply do not experience them independently. So it only makes sense, as much as is reasonable, to replicate that process when making movies or commercials

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