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Rich Paschall

Rich Paschall

Rich is a creative director and marketing strategist who brings over 25 years of marketing experience to clients in the retail, tourism, healthcare, energy, packaged goods, and education industries.

He has served as Creative Director for some of the South’s most highly regarded advertising agencies. His first assignment in advertising was to help bring the 1996 Olympics to Atlanta. It worked. His second was to help grow a small cluster of restaurants called Applebee’s into a large, national chain. That worked, too.

Since then, Rich has brought his results-oriented creative approach to brands like Smithfield Foods, Peerless Faucet, State of Maryland Tourism, SouthTrust Bank (now Wells Fargo), Alabama Power, Michelin, Fila, and PeopleSoft (now Oracle).

Rich was one of the first mainstream advertising people to recognize the awesome power and opportunity of the internet. In the mid-90’s, he brought countless national brands online and his thoughts on online advertising have been captured in advertising textbooks, as well as publications like the Wall Street Journal.

For years, Rich has been a part of the Hummingbird team as an independent consultant and project manager, creating and managing integrated marketing campaigns for a variety of local, regional and national clients.

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